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What Our Customers Are Saying

Without a doubt, this is the best service to use if you want to take a romantic trip around the Florida Keys. My wife and I did this last month and we had a truly magical time. Now we are recommending Luxe Charters to all our close friends and relatives

- Timothy Carter (Google)

From me, Luxe Charters gets five stars, but I wish I could give them 500. They made my first cruising experience a great one and for this they’ll always have my appreciation.

- Faustina Emma (Google)

The captain and his crew made sure our trip was great. Everyone on board was friendly and accommodating, so my wife and kids felt right at home. Luxe Charters easily gets five stars from me, and I’ve even started recommending this yacht rental service to friends and family members

- Wiliam Deleon (Google)

My favorite thing to do in Miami is go to the clubs, or at least it was. I’m quite certain that now my favorite thing is going on boat trips with Luxe Charters. You can party in the sunshine and on the crystal waters of the Keys. What’s better than that?

- Tammy Bell (Google)

I went to a retirement party that was held on a Luxe Charters boat. Let me just tell you—this experience was unlike anything I’d ever done before. When I retire, I want someone to throw me a party on a yacht. It’s an all-around amazing experience!

- William Lake (Google)

They exceeded my expectations and this was a pleasant surprise. I knew this company was good when I hired them, but I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they were. This is why I’m sailing with them again in a couple months. I’m taking my wife on a romantic trip to the Bahamas.

- Moses Schneider (Google)

From beginning to end, my time on a Luxe Charters party boat was incredible. If I knew about this party boat charter service earlier, I would’ve been taking trips with them all summer.

- Saverio Glunta (Google)

Cannot say enough good things about Luxe Charters! For one, the booking experience is so easy, since my husband and I worked with Rochelle – who is the absolute best! She clearly told us what is available and what cost. She is friendly and a hard worker. We already used Rochelle for two separate events. We will be back again and again!

- Janetta Bekman (Google)

When I was online searching for a good boat charter rental service in Miami Beach, I found Luxe Charters after about an hour of searching. To this day, I’m saying Luxe Charters was one of my best discoveries ever. I’ve sailed with them at least five times, and each time was better than the last. The last trip was this Bahamas trip for my friend’s bridal shower, and everyone who came had a blast!

- Alex Butler (Google)

I swear by this boat rental service in Miami Beach. That’s why I’m writing this positive comment now. Taking a trip with them is one of the best things you can do in Miami Beach. Several coworkers, friends, neighbors, and loved ones agree with this sentiment

- Melony Williams (Google)

Taking a trip with Luxe Charters was so fun! I’d never been on a yacht before, and now all I can think about is sailing with them again. My husband and I sailed around the Keys, and it was truly a breathtaking experience. I knew Florida was beautiful, but seeing it from the ocean takes things to another level.

- William Addams (Google)

I went with Luxe Charters, 3 times already! Let me tell you, if you need a very, but a very responsible person to organize you a wonderful party on the boat , then you need Kristina!
She is the best! I rented a very nice, fresh cleaned boat! Everything was ready on time, and very well organized! The capitain of her team was super friendly! 👌

- Ecaterina Slaninh (Google)

Without a doubt, this is the best company to use if you want to rent a luxury ship in Miami Beach. I was let down by other companies, so when I found Luxe Charters, I was ecstatic. They promised an excellent experience and they delivered

- Marina Deloso (Google)

I was in charge of setting up a bachelorette party for my friend who I’ve known literally since birth. I considered several venues and services before deciding on Luxe Charters, and all I can say now is I’m thrilled with the choice I made. To this day, people who went on that boat still talk about it fondly, and in my mind this is clear evidence that the party was a total success

- Jeffery Ehimen (Google)

Highly Recommend!!! Best yacht rental experience you can get in Florida. Kristina was amazing, great customer service! Catering was delicious and captain was really good making ride very smooth. Definitely using them again!

- Luba Olm (Google)
Had such an amazing experience with my friends. Rochelle was amazing and very helpful with my booking. 10/10 recommend for an affordable yacht rental
- Tori Zominhan (Google)

Great experience! Top notch service. We took the Azimut 55 for our party. Great yacht with plenty of room inside and amazing flybridge. We received end to end service from Luxe charters from the time of onboarding till offboarding. The captain and stu were extremely professional and knew exactly the right places to cruise. Captured some great pictures and videos. Highly recommend!

- Jiten Punjabi (Google)

My favorite part about my time with Luxe Charters is that the captain was funny and entertaining. He definitely made what would’ve been a decent experience into a fantastic one!

- Desany Albino (Google)

We partied on this boat like we never partied before. It was for my best man’s birthday, and I can promise you he had the time of his life. So did I!

- Brannon Causey (Google)

I’ll be sailing with them again. I went to a wedding anniversary party that was thrown on one of their yachts, and this was a life-changing experience. I never knew yachts could be so fun, and I only thought they were for the rich! I guess not!

- Ashley Cox (Google)

The Luxe Charters offers top-notch quality, service, and the lowest prices. Highly recommend this company!

- Assem Zhuma (Facebook)

I love this boat charter service. It’s so much better than the other ones in the area. The captain is a nice guy and his crew is always accommodating.

- Kimberly Leetch (Google)

What an awesome boat rental service. In fact, I think it’s the best one in Hollywood. If it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t be giving it high praise now. You can count on that. I only recommend good companies.

- Angela Lipsy (Google)

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